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2019 Student Night

AEG Mile High Chapter Student Night — Poster presentations, networking event, rapid-fire resume review for students, light dinner buffet, and silent auction to benefit the CSM Student Chapter of AEG.

Poster presenters:

  • Andrew Graber, Colorado School of Mines. Using Lichenometry to Evaluate Rockfall Recurrence Interval and Talus Fan Behavior, Glenwood Canyon, Colorado

  • Brian Gray, Colorado School of Mines. Automation of Photogrammetry and Slope Deformation Change Detection

  • Michael Henry, Western Colorado University. Landslide Mechanics Evaluation of the Roaring Judy Landslide, Almont, Colorado

  • Ashton Krajnovich, Colorado School of Mines. A Demonstration of Uncertainty Assessment for Fault Networks in 3D Geologic Models of Mountain Tunnels.

  • Colton Medler, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. Time-Lapse Seismic Imaging of Induced Hydraulic Fractures at Sanford Underground Research Facility Using Continuous Active Source Seismic (CASSM) Techniques

  • Kyle Radach, Colorado School of Mines. Characterization and Analysis of the Cedar Pass Landslide Complex, Badlands National Park, South Dakota

  • Luke Weidner, Colorado School of Mines. Automated Machine Learning Methods for Continuous Rock Slope Monitoring.

Student abstracts are compiled here

THANK YOU to our 2019 Student Night Sponsors as of 3/15/2019:

Rhodochrosite Level ($250)
Cesare, Inc. (Darin Duran)
Ed Friend
RJH Consultants, Inc.
Deere & Ault Consultants Inc.

Molybdenum Level ($100)
Susan Steele Weir
NV5 (Ken Feldman)
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Vista GeoScience (John Fontana)
Bob Kirkham, GeoLogical Solutions

Galena Level ($50)
Wendy Zhou
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Kevin Mininger

Quartz Level ($25)
Paul Santi
Jerry D. Higgins, Consulting Engineering Geologists
Kami Deputy Gardella
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